Playtime isn’t neat. In fact it’s quite messy. In the pursuit of fun and experimentation - parts get lost and damaged. Proprietary toy systems become corrupted - combined both intentionally and by accident with others into an unusable plastic matrix. Things can get weird and at times ugly, because once you’ve followed the rules and made what’s on the box, it’s inevitable that you’re going to want to make something new. But you’re stuck within the logic of the set, and between the closed systems of the manufacturers. Largely doomed to tinker without the hope of truly elegant or entirely functional results. Or at least you were.

F.A.T Lab and Sy-Lab have joined forces to create The Free Universal Connection Kit. The kit allows you to combine previously hermetic toy systems like Lego and Fischertechnik and make entirely new, hybrid creations.

Where previously one may have had to use glue, tape, or any other homebrew solution with which to combine blocks, gears and parts - the kit provides a catalogue of downloadable STL files that can be manufactured in consumer 3D printers like the Makerbot - enabling complete interoperability between ten popular construction toys.

It’s such a fantastic concept, and opens up a range of possibilities - not only with using the kit itself, but in the consideration of other systems and devices that can be combined with bespoke parts.

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